The Master Networker by Dana Kaye

The Master Networker

Make Meaningful Connections to Advance Your Career
Success isn't only a result of what you know, it's who you know, which is why so many of us attend happy hours, professional networking events, and industry conferences. But do you find yourself struggling to make the right connections or to build a relationship with the people you meet? Unsure of how to start a conversation with a complete stranger or infiltrate a small group of people? I'm here to help!

This e-course aims to take the anxiety out of the networking process and arm you with the tools you need to establish important connections. I'll address the different types of networking scenarios - group networking events, one-on-one networking, and social media networking - how to make the most of every opportunity. This course takes you through each step of the networking process, from preparation to follow up, transforming the names on collected business cards into meaningful contacts.

My tried and true methods have helped transform our clients into influencers and power brokers, and if they can do it, you can too. Enroll now to become a Master Networker!

What's included?

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The Master Networker Calendar
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Networking Event Checklist
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Resource Guide
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Welcome Video
5 mins
Importance of Networking
8 mins
Core Philosophies
5 mins
Best Practices for All Networking Initiatives
17 mins
Group Networking Events
Types of Group Networking Events
12 mins
Keys to Successful Group Networking
13 mins
One-on-One Meetings
How to Schedule the Initial Meeting
16 mins
Making the Most of the Initial Meeting
16 mins
Social Media Networking
5 mins
How To Do It Well
14 mins
The Next Step
From Contacts to Relationships
14 mins
4 mins

I help entrepreneurs become more memorable and make more meaningful connections.

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